Metrics & Outcomes

SCI developed Education: Total reach over 3 years: >1 million learners


Outcomes Analysis

Educational outcomes studies aim to obtain data on effectiveness, knowledge gain, attitudes about behavior change, and learner satisfaction.

Working with our partners, SCI developed CME uses pre- and post-survey design to collect data on participants’ knowledge and competence as it relates to the educational objectives of the activities (Moore Levels 3 and 4).

Applied learning surveys distributed to participants after the activity designed to elicit changes the participant has made in patient care or office practices based on knowledge or skills gained in the activity (Moore Level 5).

Survey designs that elicit the actual impact and value of the CME activity on practice behavior and patient health outcomes (Self-Reported Moore Level 6).

Recent Outcomes Highlights

50% increase in knowledge and 30% increase in confidence of participants regarding emerging therapies for metastatic/advanced breast cancer (Breast cancer program offered via Medscape)

35% increase in knowledge and 80% increase in competence of participants regarding emerging therapies for NSCLC (Online program on non-small cell lung cancer)

36% increase in knowledge, 25% increase in competence and a 61% increase in confidence regarding HER2 testing in gastric cancer (Gastric Cancer ‘Mini Site’)